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Are you a woman who has wanted to spend more time outdoors in the woods but aren't quite sure where to start? You are not alone. 

Let me share with you Knitting In The Wild's Women's Weekends. They are called Camp and Create and I am so excited about it! 


A few years ago I found myself single and without a camping partner and it broke my heart to think that it may be a long time before I camped again. Then one morning I woke up and realized that I don't need a camping partner! I can be my own camping partner - and so can you! A common question is, "Where do I start?"


That is where Knitting In The Wild can help! You don't HAVE to be a knitter to join, but it sure doesn't hurt!


These camping weekends have been designed to provide the space and campy vibe in order for you to get outdoors and enjoy nature. Each weekend is geared towards creativity, as well as giving you some information about going forward and orchestrating your own camping trips as a woman. You will spend time living and playing outside, eating good food and spending time with old and new friends. We offer that first step to enjoying the wonderful world of camping - but you still get to sleep up off the ground. Plus, you don't have to buy a bunch of gear before you ever set foot in the woods.


Included in the fee: the rental of a camper cabin at the Minnesota State Park (one person per cabin unless you have someone in your "bubble" that you wouldn't mind sharing the cabin with - more info shared later), two breakfasts and two dinners prepared on the fire by our very own Chef Dan Kostohryz. A small informational session geared towards camping: such as safety, what to look for when buying a tent, what kind of gear is necessary, easy foods to make on an open fire, and how to pack your kitchen box.  Help with a knitting project that you might be stuck on, and of course there will be opportunities for you to spend some quiet time with a book, hike or just lounge around by the fire.

Bring a knitting or art project (or two) and join us! 


Do you want to join us?
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