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Abortions ARE Healthcare

Thank you for stopping by. I am putting together a wall calendar as a fundraiser to keep existing clinics that offer abortion services open.  This calendar will be filled with unique art and will be a way for people with uterus' to track their period in a method other than in an app. 

If you are interested in being an artist for one or more of the months please fill out the form below checking the box I AM AN ARTIST AND I WANT TO HELP.

If you are not an artist but want to get emails on when the calendar will be available for pre-sale, fill out the form below and check that other box!

All money made from the sale of the calendar (minus the cost it takes to print and ship) will be donated to an organization that can keep clinics like this open. I have reached out to one in particular and am waiting to hear back. But never fear, but the time the calendars are ready for pre-sale I will share that information!

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